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How Much Does A Fibreglass Pool Cost In Australia?

Fibreglass is commonly used in pools across the entire country, and for good reason. The material has many benefits that make it ideal, such as high durability combined with a low need for maintenance. This often makes people wonder if a fibreglass pool is cost-effective. The cost itself can depend upon several different factors, but it’s up to you to decide if they are worth it.

1. Lower upfront cost

Fibreglass pools on average, cost around 20% less than concrete pools to install. As the material can be cheaper, fibreglass pools cost less to install than the average concrete pool. Of course, the actual price will depend upon the particulars of the pool you are wanting to install, including size, shape, any additional features such as spa jets, and more.

Prices vary between companies and are based on the design’s complexity. There are too many factors to give a definite number, but overall, there should be options within your budget that allow you to make use of fibreglass.

2. Lifetime costs

As mentioned above, fibreglass is durable and barely requires maintenance – this means your fibreglass pool can last for a long time. Vinyl liner pools often need to have their eponymous liner replaced, and concrete pools require acid-washing and even resurfacing on a semi-regular basis. Fibreglass pools do not require either of these treatments, as their specially moulded shell can serve a customer for many years without fail.

Even if your fibreglass pool might have a higher upfront cost, you will be spending less money on it over time – and the high durability means that the chances of it becoming damaged and needing a repair are lower than the majority of other models.

3. They boost your property value

An attractive pool will immediately increase your market power, especially if it is fibreglass. The discerning buyer will understand the benefits they provide; they know that fibreglass is better than concrete over time, for example. While not everybody intends to one day sell their home, this is still worth pointing out. No matter the cost of the pool, there is always the chance to make a chunk of that price back if you so desire.

The cost of a fibreglass pool is nearly impossible to neatly pin down. However, a rough ball-park figure shows that they might be regarded as relatively expensive for pools. That being said, you pay for the benefits of such a versatile material – and the high value of your pool combined with the lack of maintenance means it will be able to pay for itself.

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