Does A Pool Add Value To Your Home?

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Swimming pools can be a controversial topic in Australian real estate and while it’s hard to argue that being able to cool off on a baking hot day or light up the barbecue next to your pool with your mates is a bad thing, not everyone is convinced. Worries about maintenance, repair and the space they take up can lead people to question whether a pool can actually add value to their home, or if it will put some buyers off. So, is a pool a good investment for your property or not? Let’s take a look.

Quality speaks for itself

One of the main worries about owning a pool is that it will end up costing a fortune and take a lot of time to keep it well maintained and in working order. So, if your pool is looking a bit shabby with missing tiles or rust, it can easily confirm a buyer’s fears. That’s why, if you’re worried about your pool detracting from your home, it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality fibreglass pool. They’re long lasting and don’t suffer from many of the same repair problems that traditional tiled and lined pools do, while any dirt or damage is easy to get out.

Size matters

Another fear regarding pools is the amount of space they take up. While many people wouldn’t mind having one in their back garden, space is at a premium in many suburban locations and not everyone is willing to sacrifice the majority of their limited garden just to get one. That’s why you should always make sure your new pool is appropriately sized to add to your existing garden, rather than take it over completely so that the new family has a chance to see there is more to your outdoor space than an oversized pool.

Choose your market

Another factor that can decide whether a pool adds value is the type of person you’re hoping to attract to buy your home. Perhaps unsurprisingly, pools are most popular with young families who have kids, giving them something fun and healthy to do in their free time, while pools are least popular with single people and retirees. As a result, if your house is located in an area popular with young families that has good access to schools and transport links, a pool is probably a sound investment.

Make your pool stand out

At the end of the day, while there are lots of ways to think about how appealing your pool is, a nice-looking pool is much more likely to help your house sell than a dated or damaged one. That’s why you need to speak to the experts about pool installation. At Darwin Fibreglass Pools and Spas, we’re used to getting praise for our high quality, easy maintenance pools and spas, which stay looking great for many years and can help add that wow factor to any home and garden.