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If you are currently in the process of organising a swimming pool installation for your own home, then you will be aware of the fact that these days, the more popular and most recommended avenue to take is that of a fibreglass construction.

Here at Darwin Pools, we can confidently state that fibreglass pools have become our number one type of job over the last few years, with swimming pool contractors all over the country and world being able to tell you the exact same thing.

It might seem obvious to those of us in the business, but for normal customers, you might be wondering exactly why this is the case!

Here are the main reasons why we like to build pools from fibreglass.

  • Fibreglass is a such a smooth and rounded surface, it is absolutely the easiest type of pool to maintain after construction and installation. Algae and dirt don’t stick the surface as easily as with concrete pools, for example, so a simple pool brush is usually all you need to dislodge debris so that it can be swept to the main drain.
  • Fibreglass pools tend to be delivered to the desired location already intact, it can be a much easier installation process than other materials. The main job to do beforehand is only the excavation of ground in the desired spot, which can be carried quickly and efficiently by good workers.
  • Compared to concrete pools, fibreglass surfaces are extremely kind to your feet and other body parts that come into contact with it when you are enjoying time in the pool. You won’t have to suffer any sore areas on your toes that the friction of more abrasive surfaces often causes, and this make fibreglass the safest and kindest option for a family pool.
  • Fibreglass is incredibly durable, so when you have a fibreglass pool installed, you can do so with the assurance that you won’t need to update or repair it for a very long time.

So, if those reasons makes sense to you and you want a swimming pool contractor that follows suit, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to organise a meeting and discuss your specific plans.

There is no such thing as less than 100% effort in our mind, so make the decision to go with us and you won’t regret it!

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