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Average Pool Size Australia

Installing a swimming pool on your property is an exciting time. There’s so much to plan and design, from the type of pool that you want to the surrounding landscaping and decorative features. You also need to decide what size swimming pool you plan to build. All of this planning can naturally lead to you wondering what the average pool size is and how much space you will need in your backyard to fit it in comfortably. We answer those questions and more in this useful guide.

What is the average pool size in Australia?

Knowing which pool size is right for you can be tough. You want to ensure that your pool is more than big enough for the entire family to have fun in and cool off on those hot summer days, but you don’t want to go overboard either and end up with a pool that may just be too big for your yard or needs. With this in mind, it’s estimated that the average pool size Australia families opt for is 9 metres by 7 metres, with a depth of approximately 1.7 metres. Rectangular pools are the most common as their shape offers maximum space.

How big is a small pool?

A small pool is going to be around 6 metres by 3 metres in size approximately. Small pools are often popular choices for people with a smaller or narrower backyard as they can still provide many of the same benefits as a larger pool. Lap pools or plunge pools are popular choices for smaller backyards as they are designed to be smaller or narrower than a typical pool and can be easily tailored to fit your space.

How big is a medium-sized pool?

Medium pools vary more than small pools in size. However, 8 metres by 5 metres is fairly common for a medium-sized pool in Australia. Again, this can vary a bit depending on the yard it’s being built into and the family it is being built for, plus any additional garden features that need to be accommodated.

What size is a large pool?

Large pools are fantastic for big families or for properties that have plenty of space to spare. On average, you can expect large pools to be somewhere in the range of 10 metres by 6 metres. These pools are fairly substantial and are suited to properties that have plenty of spare space.

How much backyard space do you need for your pool?

The amount of backyard space that you have available is going to be a big determining factor in the size of the pool that you end up choosing. It can be difficult to know what you will be able to fit into your backyard, but as a general rule of thumb, you should consider the following: whatever side pool you choose, it should only occupy around 25% of the total backyard space available. This helps to ensure that it has plenty of surrounding areas to both support the structure safely and ensure that there is sufficient area surrounding the pool for other activities. If you can easily fit a pool into a quarter of the backyard space you have available then you should be good to go ahead with the installation.


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