Installing Pool Handrails in Darwin

Improved Safety & Aesthetics

Isolated Pool Handrail Image — Darwin Fibreglass Pools & Spas In Winnellie, NT

Aluminium & Composite Handrails

Our handrail options, whether aluminium or composite, are professionally installed by our experienced team. Opt for our aluminium handrails and our installation service includes electrical earthing and bonding to meet safety requirements. Alternatively, our composite handrail option is designed for a more straightforward installation process, eliminating the need for electrical earthing and bonding.

Whichever you choose, our installation process is meticulous, ensuring the handrails are securely attached and precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of your pool and its users. Enquire about our pool handrails today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fibreglass pools suitable for salt water?

Yes, our fibreglass pools are designed to be compatible with salt water, providing a more natural and healthier pool water option.

A plunge pool is typically smaller in size and designed for quick dips or lounging, while a spa pool features jets and is intended for relaxation and therapy purposes.

Yes, we offer a range of colours to choose from, allowing you to customise the appearance of your pool to fit your personal style.