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Concrete vs Fibreglass Pools – Ultimate Guide 2022

If you’re looking for a new pool in 2022, your main options are concrete and fibreglass pools. Both types of pools have a number of benefits for homeowners in Darwin, such as longevity, comfort and style. In this guide, we take a look at several important considerations such as ease of installation, initial cost and maintenance to see how concrete vs fibreglass pools compare as well as what type of pool would be best for you.

Large Fibreglass Pool with Glass Balustrades in Darwin NTAdvantages of Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass pools are a popular choice for families and business owners in Darwin due to their longevity, easy maintenance and innovative technology, which can reduce algae and the need for lots of chemicals. There are many advantages to fibreglass pools and they are available in more designs, configurations and sizes than ever before.

  • More eco-friendly
  • Damage-resistant
  • Quicker installation
  • Algae resistant
  • Lower maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Durable

Disadvantages of Fibreglass Pools

There are some disadvantages to fibreglass pools which may make them unsuitable in certain applications. Because they come prefabricated, there are fewer options than a custom pool would offer. They also need to be expertly installed by a professional and require access for heavy machinery as they are installed in one go.

  • Prefabricated so less custom design options
  • Needs access for heavy equipment to install
  • Can be damaged if not drained properly
  • Requires expert installation
  • Size limitations


Advantages of Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are the main alternative to fibreglass pools and they are equally good for certain situations. The installation process is longer, but it can allow for more custom designs and unusual shapes. If you want a really large pool, a concrete pool might be better as there are no restrictions on size.

  • Long-lasting
  • Hard to damage
  • Custom designs available
  • Larger scale

Disadvantages of Concrete Pools

Small Concrete Pool in Modern Home in Darwin

Concrete pools aren’t always the best choice and they can be more expensive to install, with higher upkeep. Some people find that concrete pools are more abrasive to the skin, so if you have children or sensitive skin, it might be worth avoiding them. There are a number of disadvantages to concrete pools, including:

  •  Needs more cleaning
  •  More expensive
  •  Requires setting time
  •  Can be abrasive
  •  Need more chemicals
  •  Long installation

Which Type of Pool is Best for me

Buying a pool is an important decision, so there are a number of things to think about. For most families in Darwin, a fibreglass pool is the most affordable option and they are far quicker to install, meaning you’ll be able to swim in days rather than months. The right type of pool for you is the one that is best suited to your property and budget, so if you have a large property with an unlimited budget, it might be worth getting a concrete pool so you can make it bigger. If you want a more affordable pool which is easy to keep clean you can find a local contractor like Darwin Fibreglass Pools & Spas, a fibreglass pool will be the best choice. When you are buying your pool, it is important to think about:

  •  How much space you have
  •  Your budget
  •  How much maintenance you want to do
  •  How long you want your pool to last
  •  How long you want to wait for the installation


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