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Your swimming pool is a luxury dream purchase, an addition to your home that allows you to cool off under the hot Australian sun. It helps keep you physically active and it’s the setting for many enjoyable moments spent with your family.

It can be easy to get carried away with what a pool at home can offer, however, a lot of people are forgetting how dangerous a swimming pool can be without the benefit of a secure pool fence.

Sadly, the most frequent cause of death in Australian children up to the age of 5 is drowning. Around half of those tragically fatal drownings are attributable to incidents involving home swimming pools.

It is a legal requirement in the Northern Territory for all pools to be secured with a fence and lockable gate.

So with a range of pool fencing options available, the team at Darwin Fibreglass Pools & Spas will look at the benefits of pool fencing and how they can improve safety and make an aesthetic improvement to your garden.

Safe and Secure

Pool fencing is designed to comply with safety standards and is available in a variety of styles and materials. Once installed, your fencing will last as long as the swimming pool itself. 

First and foremost, the main reason for pool fencing is its ability to keep your little ones safe. With pool fencing installed, you will have peace of mind in the event your child is momentarily unsupervised in your garden.

A pool left open and accessible is a potential drowning hazard, but with a pool fence, you are creating a secure barrier to keep the little ones safe.

Keep Them in Sight

The correct pool fence will allow you to keep all users of the pool in view at all times. Pool fencing options vary, but with a flat top, railing style fence, you’ll be able to retain visibility from the house or garden. Should anything untoward happen, a clear line of sight will allow you to respond immediately.

Increase the Aesthetic Appeal

Some people worry that a fence around the pool will be unsightly, but the benefit of a pool fence is that it will add definition and structure to your pool area, separating the pool from the rest of the garden. A professionally installed pool fence rarely feels imposing. It should blend easily with your existing garden/pool design and take its place as another element in the overall layout of the pool area.

Make Sure It’s Done Right!

When it comes to installing a swimming pool fence, the services of an experienced professional are highly recommended. Aside from stories you may have heard about pool safety inspectors denying council approval, safety should always come first.

At Darwin Fibreglass Pools & Spas, we will tailor our services to suit your needs and we pride ourselves on installing fencing solutions that look great. Be assured, they will tick all the boxes.

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