Why Every Backyard Pool Needs Fencing

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Aluminium pool fencing is all the rage and is one of the biggest sellers that Darwin Pools has to offer. It is lightweight, very flexible, durable, and quicker to cool, which means it doesn’t radiate heat into a warm night. Yet, some people still ask why they should have a fence around their backyard pool. Here are a few reasons why you should consider it:.

It is a Legal Requirement in Some States

There are some places where a pool fence is a legal requirement. Whatever the reasons, you should comply with the law in such areas.

Kids and Pets

Probably one of the biggest reasons why you should have a pool fence is because it makes it more difficult for kids and pets to get into your pool. It is all fun having your pets jump in while supervised, but if an older dog decided to take a swim, he may have trouble getting out.

Kids often think they are invincible. While youth is a superpower in itself, the dangers of unsupervised swimming are still a modern threat. A fence prevents unwarranted swimming for your child, and will leave you feeling more comfortable knowing there is restricted access.

Livestock and Wildlife

The right type of fence can stop snakes from getting into your pool. However, most fences will not stop snakes and small creatures, but they will stop livestock and larger wild animals from falling in your pool. Again, it is less about the inconvenience and more about the fact that animals often die because they cannot get out of your pool before you notice, especially if they get tangled in your pool cover.

Conclusion – Probably Better to Have a Fence

If you have a pool, you must have fencing. The safety aspects are undeniable and the regulations state your pool must be fenced. Aluminium pool fencing is just one option.  For this or other types of fencing,  contact us or request a free quote from us here at Darwin Pools.