5 Benefits of Aluminium Pool Fencing

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What better way to ensure your stunning new swimming pool is safe and secure for all of those who frequent the area  – such as children, pets and wildlife – than with a stylish and sturdy aluminium pool fence. When considering appropriate pool fencing for your residential or commercial swimming pool, consider your budget, the desired look or design of the space, and the functionality you require. Some of the many benefits of aluminium pool fencing include:


If you have children and pets, pool fencing is a must-have. Not only does certified pool fencing, installed by professional fencing experts, help protect those you love the most, it can also ensure that as a property owner, you meet safety regulations and the requirements laid out by your local Council. Additionally, aluminium pool fencing can help to prevent trespassing and can also keep wildlife from gaining access to your pool area and swimming pool.


Aluminium pool fencing panels are the most cost-effective option for those with a tight budget. The cost per metre is generally much more affordable than other forms of fencing. While still providing the many benefits, including safety, durability and versatility, aluminium fencing is less likely to need repairs or replacement than, for example, glass fencing. Aluminium pool fencing is also extremely versatile. In addition to securing the pool area, it can be used for a variety of customised shapes and areas including pet areas or enclosures and children’s play areas.


Aluminium pool fencing is renowned for its durability. It is a hugely popular fencing material used around residential and commercial swimming pools. It is rust and corrosion resistant and can withstand the elements. It doesn’t require regular maintenance or upkeep. Generally, once installed, aluminium pool fencing lasts for many decades.


Aluminium pool fencing is quick and easy to install. It’s also considered lower maintenance that other forms of fencing as it rarely requires any attention. This type of fencing be cleaned easily with a wipe down or a garden hose, or even a high-pressure hose if absolutely required. Aluminium pool fencing can also help prevent objects from blowing into your pool during heavy winds. Which hopefully means your pool will stay clean, tidy and free of debris.


One of the many benefits of aluminium pool fencing is that it’s available in a large variety of colours. You can choose the powder finish that you prefer, or have the fencing panels specifically designed to match the exterior of your home. This type of fencing is also pleasant alongside a garden hedge as it allows any established gardens that may surround the area to still be enjoyed. Aluminium pool fencing may also help improve the value of your home as a result of these benefits including the visual appeal and safety aspects. The experienced team at Darwin Fibreglass Pools & Spas specialise in the installation of aluminium black flat-top powder-coated fences and will be happy to assess your needs. The fencing panels come in 2.4m x 1.2m panels. To get in contact with us, call us at  (08) 8947-1192 or visit our contact page and fill in the form. For more pool information, read our previous blog on installing spas.