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Fewer past times capture the beauty of an Australian summer better than recreational swimming. Whether it be for fitness, relaxation, or simply enjoying down-time with family and friends, the backyard pool is a source of hours of action for many Australians.

However, as tempting as it may be to just dive right in, there are a few things to remember before you and your family can truly enjoy your swimming pool to its full potential:

Sun safety

Having one of the most livable climates in the world Australia, unfortunately, sees a considerable number of sun-related illnesses, such as sunstroke and skin cancer. Fortunately, protecting yourself and your family from UV exposure is easy and affordable, with a great range of sun protection products available in every local supermarket or pharmacy. Be sure to apply a liberal amount of sunscreen (SPF50+ is best!) at least 20 minutes before venturing out to your backyard.

Wear a hat, sunglasses, and cover up when not in the water, and remember to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Protective swim gear

Whether salt-water or chlorine, hours of enjoyment in your swimming pool can soon be dampened by failing to wear adequate protective swim gear. Swimming caps will protect hair from drying out, as well as reducing drag and giving those competitive swimmers a faster, more streamlined stroke. Goggles are essential for protecting the delicate human eye, which was unfortunately not designed for seeing well underwater. Nose clips and earplugs are also a good idea for those who suffer from ENT issues and work by preventing the water from entering the nasal or ear canals.

A small investment in the right equipment early on will ensure that even the most cautious of beginners will soon be confidently splashing, diving and gliding their way through the water.

Flotation devices

Flotation aids are accessories that assist with buoyancy whilst in the water, enabling the beginner swimmer to feel more confident as he navigates through the pool. Always remember the difference between a flotation device and an inflatable pool toy, which is simply there for added enjoyment! Rideable dolphins and inflatable pineapples definitely have a place in the backyard pool, however parents should be sure to read the warning labels on any pool toy or accessory, and take caution against relying on these aids as a safety device.

As always, the best protection for junior swimmers is good supervision and always remaining within arm’s reach.

Shoes and towels

When it is finally time to exit the pool, remember that even the best pool capping can become a little slippery when wet. Remind small swimmers of the number one pool rule – no running! Encourage wearing footwear poolside (if not entering the water), and dry off quickly with your towel to prevent puddles and slippery spots.

With little preparation, yourself and your family will soon be ready to embark on a wonderful outdoor lifestyle besides your new Darwin Fibreglass Pool or Spa. With the right pool equipment on hand, there is no limit to where your recreational swimming may take you.

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