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How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Over Summer

Wherever you live in Australia, pool maintenance is a vital part of your day-to-day routine. When the summer months roll around, and you’re most likely to want a dip, you don’t want to be faced with grungy, green water.

So, how do you keep your Darwin pool sparkling over summer? Here are our top tips:

Re-balance your pool’s water

If your pool water has gotten out of sync, it’s easy for water to turn green or cloudy. In many cases, re-balancing your pool is just a case of simple chemistry. Most pool cleaners will provide ratios and information on usage, and you pour the right balance in and let the chemicals work their magic.

Not sure about what chemicals to use? Then there’s no shame in turning to the experts for help and advice. A pool cleaning company will be able to address imbalances quickly and effectively, leaving your pool squeaky clean and ready to use.

Do a one-off clean

If your pool has been neglected over the colder months, there’s no better time than now to give it a summer makeover. That means getting those chemical balances in check and cleaning your filter system. Skimming the pool and even scrubbing the walls with a brush can help make it look like-new and far more appealing for summer fun.

The higher the summer temperature, the more regularly your pool may require a ‘deep clean’. But keeping on top of your maintenance can help to make one-offs few and far between. Why get into a routine? We’ve covered how a routine can help keep your pool sparkling clean throughout the summer below.

Routine, routine, routine

A routine is just as good for your pool as it is for you. Remembering to check your pool’s pH and chlorine levels every few days is the minimum you should be doing as part of your routine. You’ll also want to clean out any skimmer systems, filters, and detritus to keep your pool looking its best.

Getting into a routine isn’t just a great idea to keep your pool looking nice. It can also prevent costly maintenance bills and repairs due to clogged filters, algae growth, or general lack of care. Make caring for your pool a part of your daily routine, and your pool will be sparkling any day of the year.

Update your filtration

An old or less effective filtration system can quickly leave your pool looking not-so-shiny. Updating your system can be as simple as hiring a pool specialist, and getting a new, better filtration product installed to suit your pool. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it can also reduce pool-running costs too.

The better your filtration system, the less energy it will have to expend to keep your pool clean. In combination with a good testing routine, a high-quality filter can make all the difference. For a sparkling clean pool, you don’t want to scrimp on quality equipment where possible.

Interested in upgrading your pool equipment, or looking for a new pool entirely? Darwin Fibreglass is the ideal choice for a sparkling-blue pool that looks incredible year-round.

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