18 Dec

Top Causes for Septic Tank Problems

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A large number of Australian homeowners have septic tanks on their property. While these units are busy working underground, homeowners may not realise that things can go wrong. However, unless these systems are well maintained they can go wrong, and go very wrong, quickly....
5 Nov

5 Benefits of Aluminium Pool Fencing

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What better way to ensure your stunning new swimming pool is safe and secure for all of those who frequent the area  – such as children, pets and wildlife – than with a stylish and sturdy aluminium pool fence. When considering appropriate pool fencing...
22 Oct

Why You Should Install an In-Ground Spa

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When it comes to maximum luxury in your home, nothing screams glamour and comfort like a private in ground spa! Sure, having a private swimming pool is one thing, but if you have the space, funds and ambition to have an in-ground spa as...
15 Jul

Pool Maintenance 101 – Regular Care

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It’s fair to say that having a swimming pool in your garden opens up a lot of fun and enjoyment in your life, but at the same time, it also presents a lot of responsibility as well. Something so large, and something in need...
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