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Top Causes for Septic Tank Problems

A large number of Australian homeowners have septic tanks on their property.

While these units are busy working underground, homeowners may not realise that things can go wrong.

However, unless these systems are well maintained they can go wrong, and go very wrong, quickly.

Darwin Fibreglass Pools and Spas can offer you advice about the type of problems you might encounter. 

Movement in the ground

Your septic tank might sit nicely in the ground, but sometimes the earth around the tank can shift, putting extra pressure on one part of the unit and causing it to crack or develop fractures that can trigger excessive backing up or problems with waste management.

When this happens, you need to contact Darwin Fibreglass Pools and Spas immediately for a replacement fibreglass tank.

Collapsed barriers

Known as a baffle, the barrier inside the tank preventing solids from escaping into the soil can sometimes collapse, allowing solids to permeate into your soakaway system, and contaminating the surrounding area.

Too much water

Sometimes, there is so much water in the ground around your tank that this pressure can force the tank out of its hole in the ground, popping up to the surface like a Halloween trick.

This often causes the pipes connected to your tank to detach, so the ground floods.

This is a problem that needs immediate resolution, otherwise your entire yard will be contaminated.

Ageing tanks

You might be surprised by the age of your septic tank, with some models being genuine antiques.

It can be no surprise that these older tanks are less efficient, and can cause problems for the householder.

In order to resolve this problem, you need to obtain a new fibreglass tank from Darwin Fibreglass Pools and Spas.

Poor maintenance

Most of us are guilty of taking our tank for granted, and a lack of maintenance can cause the tank to have serious problems.

Failure to regularly empty the tank, or to thoroughly clean it out afterwards, can result in waste backing up into your drains, leading to floods inside your house and causing damage to the property.

Faulty tanks

One of the biggest problems with septic tanks is where they are not properly maintained and develop faults.

To resolve this issue, you may need to purchase a brand-new fibreglass tank from Darwin Fibreglass Pools and Spas.

To talk with our team about your need for a new tank, contact us online today or call 08-8947-1192 now.

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