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Having a beautiful pool in your outdoor area also means looking at the area around your pool and finding a stylish and safe paving solution to match.

There are many different types of paving options available that will compliment your pool and outdoor area.

Stunning pools can add value to your property so the finishing touches which include pool pavers can complement your property as well as being a practical choice with safety in mind.


If it is the natural look you like then sandstone could be a good option for you.

Natural sandstone, will keep you cool underfoot and has slip resistant qualities important for pool areas.

This is a choice that will complement any garden area with the luxurious and elegant touch, and it will last a lifetime.


Available in a variety of finishes, concrete is durable and resistant to salt making it a desirable option.

This cost effective, durable paving could be an alternative you may wish to consider. There is sure to be a colour and design to suit you and your pool area.


Brick pool pavers come in so many different designs, if you are looking to be creative and unique then this could be the solution for you.

It can be a cost effective and easy to install option for areas that need stylising and can add an injection of colour to any outdoor area.


If you are looking to add texture to your outdoor area then a Japanese Timber Octagon can be a stylish feature or become a focal point in your landscaping.

It can be a great floor covering for an additional seating area whilst looking attractive and stylish, adding a contrast in its finish.

Aztec Sun Circle

This is another popular option for a feature in or around the pool area, the design is perfect for adding that extra element of interest.

The sun design incorporates the outdoor feel and it can act as a designated entertaining space. If it is shape you are looking to add, the Yorkminster Octagon stone could be the effect for you.

Sandstone Mosaic

For an exciting, individual paving option have a look at sandstone mosaic, a sleek design, in appearance this will complement large areas and will add a textured individual feel to your flooring.

Different Types of Pool Paving

There are many different types of paving options available that will compliment your pool and outdoor area:

  • Sandstone Paving
  • Concrete Paving
  • Brick Paving
  • Aztec Sun Circle 
  • Sandstone Mosaic Paving
  • Timber Finishing

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