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4 Warning signs it’s time to replace your pool filter, chlorinator or pump

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If you’ve enjoyed your backyard swimming pool in Darwin for many years already, you may require the services of a fibreglass pool renovation and maintenance expert.

Owning a fibreglass pool means you need to watch for issues that come from wear and tear over time. Over time, the sun’s severe UV rays, combined with harsh chemical treatments as well as general usage can impact your enjoyment in the water. Being able to identify the signs your pool needs attention helps ensure your swimming pool is always ready for a dip to cool off in the searing Northern Territory heat.

Here are some indications your filter, chlorinator or pump may need to be replaced and that it’s time to call the pool maintenance company.

Excessive backwashing

One of the main indicators you need a new filter is excessive backwashing. If you notice you have dirty pool water more than you are used to or you have to clean your pool more often than usual, it could be because the filter is worn out and needs to be replaced.

Poor water quality

If a water test shows you have poor water quality, it could be because your chlorinator needs to be renewed. If the water is losing its clarity, it’s another sign that the chlorinator or filter are on the fritz. If the water in your pool is murky or dirty, it might be time to have a professional take a look to determine the issue. Alternatively, your chemicals may be out of balance, so it’s a good idea to contact your local swimming pool experts at Darwin Fibreglass Pools & Spas to organise a regular pool service to ensure the water is crystal clear and healthy to swim in.

High water pressure

The pump in your pool is responsible for keeping the water pressure at the required level. When the pump is broken or wearing out, you might notice that an increase in the PSI reading. Sometimes a soak in a cleaning solution can clear out the hose that leads to the pump and may solve the problem. If the issue persists, it’s time to replace the pump.

Darwin Fibreglass Pools & Spas has a great range of products for all your needs.

Water Condition

While there are commons signs your filter, chlorinator or pump are ready for a replacement, the water clarity is often just a simple case of chemical imbalance. For example, your pool requires sunscreen and chlorine along with a whole range of treatments to ensure it’s safe to swim in. Our pool professionals can easily check water quality on the spot, or provide a container for you to scoop sample water to take to our Winnellie showroom. However, be on the lookout for broken or cracked parts in the filter system, dirty parts or a lot of sediment build-up in the system as this means your fibreglass pool requires renovation or maintenance.

Taking care of your swimming pool is a necessary routine if you want to enjoy safe swimming all year round.

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