Fibreglass Pool Repairs & Maintenance Darwin

Pool maintenance is very important to keep you swimming all year round. We recommend bringing in a water sample at least once a month, and we offer free water testing instore using the state-of-the-art machine from BioGuard Smartlab. We also service pools from cleaning to balancing pool chemicals onsite, repair or replace filtration equipment, pool handovers and much more. Our staff are well trained & knowledgeable, as we are an authorized Zodiac Warranty Agent & a BioGuard Pool Chemicals supplier.

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Extend the life of your pool

We know from our customers how important a pool is to help cope with the hot Darwin weather. Keeping your pool in top condition is essential for safe, healthy swimming and regular maintenance means you can spot any potential problems before they become major flaws.

At Darwin Fibreglass Pools and Spas, we understand the harsh territory weather, and over twenty-five years of experience means we understand the havoc this can play with your pool. Our expert team will help you create a simple maintenance and inspection programme so you can enjoy safe, healthy swimming and keep those repair bills as low as possible.

Simple fibreglass pool maintenance

One of the many great things about fibreglass pools is how easy they are to look after. Just a few simple steps will keep everything as it should be. At Darwin Fibreglass Pools and Spas, we offer the following services:

  • Regular water testing using Bio Guard Safelab – we recommend bringing a sample once a month in swim season, as well as just before and just after the season.
  • Advice on cleaning and brushing, including product recommendations.
  • Maintenance of water levels – never drain your pool without professional help to avoid groundwater problems.

Full surface relining

If your pool is over fifteen years old or has been poorly maintained, it may need a full surface reline. Our team at Darwin Fibreglass Pools and Spas will carry out a full assessment of your pool before beginning the relining process. One of the most common indicators that your pool needs a reline is chalking. This is when the surface becomes chalky and dusty, as a result of years of weather exposure and exposure to chlorine. Inhaling the chalky residue is dangerous and can cause respiratory problems. Fortunately, this kind of issue is easily fixed with a full surface reline.

Crack and split rectification

Cracks and splits happen as the gel coating on your pool begins to age. Natural deterioration causes hairline cracks to form and whilst these may not be visible, prompt attention will prevent these small cracks from becoming a big problem. All our pools come with a 25-year warranty, so as soon as you notice those tell-tale colour changes, just get in touch and our team will get things sorted.

Surface colour rejuvenation

Sun exposure and chlorine can take their toll on the colour of your pool. If you notice your pool is losing its beautiful tropical blue hue, then it’s time to get in touch with us. We’ll look at all aspects of the surface and offer sensible solutions to prevent further damage, as well as options about undergoing a full surface colour rejuvenation.

Get in touch

To find out more about our pool repairs and maintenance services, including water testing and scheduled maintenance, just get in touch with our friendly team. You’ll find us at the end of the phone on (08) 8947-1192, or you can just drop an email to Whatever your question, you’ll find our team of experts has the solution to keep your pool at its best.