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How To Pick The Perfect Spa In Darwin

When it comes to water based features that can massively improve not just the quality of your life but also the value of your home overall, it really comes down to two different things, a swimming pool, or a smaller spa pool. If your own home doesn’t necessarily have enough space for a full pool, then a spa can be the perfect compromise.

Here at Darwin Pools, we provide spa pools to all homes in the area with expert installation and service. With that in mind and to help you out before you make a big financial decision, here are some tips for picking the perfect type from all the different available spas in Darwin.


  • Shape


What kind of shape do you think would be most appropriate for your spa? The two most popular tend to be oval/circular or teardrop. Both of these styles take up a similar amount of room, so the choice between oval and teardrop is simply an aesthetic one. If your garden is very geometric, then a circle might be best, but if things are more asymmetrical then a teardrop might be in better.


  • Depth


Depth is a big consideration when trying to figure out what your ideal pool spa is going to look like. They tend to be in the range of 1m in depth, but you can find spa pools that offer a slightly deeper middle. This might be a good idea for customers who are particularly tall and would prefer more than just a meter of depth at the spa’s most crucial point.


  • Location


Think about where you want to put the pool spa in your garden and try to find a spot that isn’t too close to the property boundary between you and your neighbour. You don’t want to create any tension with a neighbour when the time comes to install the spa, so the best option is to pick a more central spot in your outdoor space. It is always better to have some good space around the edges of the spa anyway. 


If you would like to further explore your options when it comes to spas in Darwin and what might be suitable for your own home, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our trained and experienced team members here at Darwin Pools are on hand to answer any questions that you might have and give the best recommendations based on your specific circumstances. We look forward to hearing from you.


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